And I had a good read through and then jumped over to some paper and excel spreadsheets to have a play :)

since 'discovering' sacred geometry around 6 months or so ago, I was pretty sure that this would also be something where jumping in with pen to paper, with a splash of colour, would be a speedier way for me to grasp

I wasn't sure if the joining of adjacent numbers had to be in a certain order...

so I did a quick test, to potentially save some time in the long run :)
1st thing I played with. Making order out of a bunch of numbers.

I noticed some fascinating things... 
but something was bugging me about the edges of 9's and 0's.


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  1. very well done man awesome graphical examples. also 9 can act as 0 in regards to this grid. for example 923=14=5, 493=16=7 notice how u can remove the 9 from both of these numbers and any similar ones and still end up with the same result